This post is about my Udacity Data Science Nanodegree capstone project: implementing a dog breed classifier algorithm and a web application to provide online predictions.

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Problem Statement

The main problems addressed by this project are to classify images of dogs according to their breed using CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks) and implementing a web application to provide online dog breeds detection. Detecting dog breed is extremely challenging, even for humans:

What factors lead developers stay longer in their jobs based on the Stack Overflow's developer survey data from 2019.

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Different developers have different needs in different moment of their careers. Many companies also invest heavily in becoming the dream job for many talented people. But, what leads most of developers to stick to their current jobs ?

As a developer, I probably have my own bias towards what leads me to stay longer in a job. However, I wonder in general what factors actually makes developers to stay longer in their current jobs.

I am big fan of using data over opinions. Then, I've decided to try to use a very good dataset about us (developers) to answer this question: Stack Overflow's 2019 Annual Developer Survey. …


Felipe Besson

Passionated about data science for Search and Recommendations

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